In 2015, Monica moved to Beverly Hills due to her client’s request and to enjoy her life with her dog “Heaven” , a rescued dog who passed away in December, 2019.  My “celebrities”  and business clients that I’ve been able to bring a lot of direction and clarity on their decisions in their personal, business and overall lifestyle. My one-on-one method is not a “cookie” cutter type, it’s personalized just for you. You can choose which program best suits your lifestyle.

You have to be able to be ready for a change and it depends only on you to do the changes.  I’ll be your coach to give you all the tools, knowledge and support.  You have the steering wheel for your wheel of life. You can book a free 5 minutes clarity session to help you decide what kind of workshop programs to give yourself that change you deserve.  Enjoy our wide selection of programs, workshops and subscription to continue for you to enjoy the knowledge of power to live and “own” your lifestyle. Looking forward to meeting you and building a life to be smiling about!

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