Cocojor Coupon is Back for the Holiday Start from today!

 CLICK VIDEO TO SEE WHAT IS MINICLE MICRO BUBBLE Aloha , Happy Holidays to your and your family. This year marks our 20th year anniversary and we would love to thank you for all your love and support you have given us. Our loyalty coupons of aloha is our way of saying “MAHALO” for all continue support for local business. Be mindful and conscious on what you give your dog and your pooch friends.  Perfect Stocking […]

Cocojor we are ALL about ALOHA!

Cocojor we are ALL about ALOHA! We believe in giving back the “MANA” energy back to DOG LOVERS who want to see a change in the PET INDUSTRY giving Modern pet owners a new way to LEARN AND EARN! Why not make some MONEY! What are the three things: Be Grateful Be Forgiving Be Light Three things you can benefit with Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble: DIY Individual or Business to learn about Dog Detox & […]

Doggy Daze 90210 event!

This Sunday, November 6th from 11:00 – 3:00 pm in Beverly Hills Roxbury Park come visit Cocojor Booth (Free Parking at Beverly Hills High School). Lots of fun free activities for the pooch at the 12th Annual Beverly Hills “Doggy Daze 90210” event! Natural Hawaiian Zen Spaw Collection     🐶🛁.Sniff and Gift our All Natural Hawaiian Zen Spaw Collection. Our world famous Shampoo, Conditioner and Minicle Micro Bubble Brush. Sign up for our Shampoo […]

No Interest – Cocojor Loan and Learn Program

Loan and Learn Program Honor System Join now when Cocojor can offer 💴 In-House Financing! 1-2-3 Steps to Sign Up ✅1. Choose machine or course (we have monthly membership plan). ✅2. 6-12-18 month payment plan to choose from. ✅3. Pay for the downpayment – that will automatic enroll you for monthly payment . 💸Click Below to Get You Started! Call us at 808-592-3647(DOGS) Book Now Take control of your beloved pooch wellbeing is first and […]

Cocojor System Webinar – Who, What, When, Why and How?

Lots of work behind the scenes to create this project. We are proud to spread our Cocojor System for Dog Skincare and Wellness Courses to everyone. Supply and Demand in the pet industry is NOW: Self care and Detox due to the environment, Huge demand and by 2030 there will be close to $75 Million people without Vet care and 70% is symptoms for Itchy & Stinky Dogs. It’s a NEW concept and I wrote […]