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Welcome To The Cocojor Channel

Founder Monica Shigenaga, passion with dogs is an intuitive medium between humans and dogs. Monica has creatively and ingeniously intertwined the human and dog experience. Man and his best friend have been welcome to relax and rejuvenate side-by-side since 2002. Due to COVID, Monica has transformed her home into COCOJOR SANCTUARY in Hawaii Kai by appointment only through our website. HUMAN and DOG sanctuary where you can enjoy daily classes, workshops and more. Enjoy our services that are dedicated using natural ways. We have saved hundreds of dogs with skin problems with our MinicleMicro Bubble that heals dog’s skin naturally along with our Cocojor Spaw products. Own and learn how to use the Cocojor Minicle Bubble Skin Care System.

ALOHA!, I’m Monica Nanae Shigenaga, a natural born Intuitive Medium and a sensitive Empath. Born and raised in Hawaii, I was very fortunate at a young age to understand I had a GIFT to understand spiritual communication and knowledge. My natural gift of sensing the energy I give you is a comfortable feeling for closures and awakening moments. My natural way of directing my communication channel using NO Tools just ENERGY, VIBRATION, AND FREQUENCY. I believe that we all have the gift of communication, a direct channel with spirit that grows as we become more aware of our inner light and higher self.

In this private or group session Monica will work on self connection with you in order to nurture, transform, concentrate and focus on the unconditional. Discover customized strategies to solve your biggest problems during our first 5 – 15 minute Free Session! Reading and Consultation Sessions are done online via Zoom or phone by appointment only.

We offer a safe destination for clients to turn for healing, support and education when emotional, physical or spiritual challenges arise. Look forward to our connection and much peace and Aloha – Monica Shigenaga aka Cocojor.



No Tools –  ENERGY, VIBRATION, AND FREQUENCY Monthly & Packages Reading

Video Reading - Video by email

(5 -15 mins phone Introduction “FREE” for new clients with appt)
15 mins Monthly Video Reading – $25
30 mins Monthly Video Reading – $45

Energy Reading

30 minutes – $50.00
50 minutes – $95.00
1 hr. 15 mins – $200.00

Daily Classes - Group

VAC Yogatation


Original 26 + 2 Hot Yoga

Doga - (Dog Yoga)


Moon Series - New Moon Workshop

Moon Series - Full Moon Workshop


Monthly Workshop Series

Consulting Human (Appointment Only)


One on One Private Energy Reading + Chakra Balance


30 Day - ELP (Eat/Pray/Love Course - Private/Group)


Dharma Detox Program - (Private/Group)

Consulting - Human + Canine - By Appointment only


Human + Canine Private Doga + Self Awareness

Human + Canine Self Awareness via ZOOM


Human + Canine MSR (Mirror Self Recognition) • Individual Private Course • Group Course

Business + DIY Affiliation for Cocojor System

Minicle Bubble Certification - COMING SOON

Cocojor Minicle Bubble Spaw System Membership Training
•Individual Licensee
•Business Licensee

About Us

Internationally Renowned Intuitive Medium for the past 35 years, I’ve been delivering messages of love and validation. Lucky to be born and raised in the most HAPPIEST PLACE in the world HAWAII not only I bring strong validation and evidential information from loved ones who have passed, but healing messages as well.  My natural gift of sensing the energy I give you a comfortable feeling for closures. 

Our Status in Numbers


Total Clients : Spreading Happy Energy throughout the world.


Years of Experience: Cocojor focuses on working with all natural care for Dogs + Humans. There is not enough healers in this world to help create a better harmonious life.


Branches: Honolulu, Hawaii – Sanctuary Beverly Hills, California – Headquarter Osaka, Japan – World Distribution Center

Hawaii Kai

Physical location of the sanctuary will give upon confirmation on your order service

Beverly Hills
COCOJOR JAPAN Distribution-
Tokyo & Osaka