Non-Profit Animal Shelter Registration – FREE

Congratulations, we love to feature your Non-profit Organization Animal Shelter for the month. You will receive FREE space to set up your pet for adoption and we will have PAW-TY time for everyone to enjoy by the Marina!  Remember our Pet Pop Section is run by LOVE for ANIMAL and therefore please be patient with us if you do not hear back from us immediately.  

PET FOOD  & TOY DRIVE for Shelter Animals for that month
Silent Auction in the VIP Lounge and all proceed will go to that Animal Shelter of the Month
Pet for Adoption

Maybe Pet Fashion Show in the VIP Lounge 
Fun Activities if you want us to promote throughout 808 Craft & Gift Fair – 100 plus vendors and 2,000 plus local residents and tourists that LOVES ANIMALS! 

FREE PR Media & Marketing 

PET ON PARADE throughout the 808 Craft & Gift Fair and Pet Pop!

Non-Profit Animal Shelter Registration Form – Space is FREE

    Non-Profit Animal Shelter Registration Form – Space is FREE

    Person in Charge First Name*

    Last Name

    Non-Profit Animal Shelter Organization Name*


    Confirm Email*


    Non Profit 501c3 Certificates are required to participate. We will check and request a copy to make sure about your Animal Shelter*

    Website (If you do not have one it’s okay, it’s not required) You must show proof that you are a Non-Profit Organization Animal Shelter that is active and needs assistance.

    Instagram (Optional)

    Facebook (Optional)

    Select Date (This does not mean you will have this date but we would let you know after we complete our due diligence):

    Description of Non-Profit Organization* We will need this for our PR/Marketing to announce about your Animal Shelter*

    How many animals will you bring for adoption? Is there anything you will you be selling?*

    I understand that completing this form does not guarantee me a spot at PET LOVERS POP UP, we will have your non-profit organization animal shelter on our file. To register is first come first serve base. We will let your organization know when they will be featured at least one – two months ahead. You will have one week to reply back to us if you will join us that month if we do NOT hear from you we will go to the next Non-Profit Animal Shelter to feature. Due to the PR/Marketing deadline we do need to get things done in a timely manner.
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