One on One Private Energy Reading + Chakra Balance – Dog Shop Hawaii USA

You will receive 75 minutes of reading and translation of energy plus Chakra Balance with Complimentary Tea Service at our Cocojor Sanctuary. Whether a person, place or thing, animate or inanimate, energy speaks to me.

ISN’T TIME TO RISE ABOVE? Is there a need to have closure from someone or your pet in the after life? Wanting the answer to, “How do I restart my life again?” In energy reading, you’ll: Discover customized strategies to solve your biggest problem Learn how to build the life you truly want through simple tools for life that declutters your lifestyle to a healthier positive you. Walk away from this with a stronger mindset, better habits, and a more exciting vision

  • Receiving an energy reading can be a satisfying experience where results can provide clarity, healing and relief. Give an understanding of who you are and where you want to go, new insights and new perspectives can also be received.
  • Understanding yourself and how energy flows to you and through you has many benefits on your life. What could be more satisfying than knowing what you are capable of and that the choices you make are right for you at any moment. When it feels right, it feels good.
  • My unique style combines energy reading, mediumship, intuitive healing abilities, and consulting on the go. I will show you how to use specific methods and tools that will be easy for you and have at your disposal. Learn how to stay centered and connected to your heart and truth while being present and aware in any real-life situation.
  • The energy reading is fun, entertaining, and a powerful experience. It can address a variety of topics that concern you from love and relationships, health, finance, personal and professional growth, deep spiritual experiences, and just life in general. All questions for specific areas of your life are welcomed. Trust yourself and know that my unique consulting style is right for you. Allow me to show you new ways to imagine your life, that goes beyond fear, pain, and confusion and give you the confidence to move forward.

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