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Hose For The Minicle Micro Bubble Machine & Phiten Showe Head


Anti-Winding The sprinkler connection can be freely rotated, which is convenient for installation and use, and effectively prevents the hose from knotting and tangling, making it easier for you to take a bath.

Premium Shower Hose Our shower head hose is made of high quality PVC outer tube, PVC composite inner tube and precision machined with A-grade forged brass , which is high temperature resistance, explosion-proof, sealing, leak-proof, high flexibility and durable.

Simple & Elegant Handheld shower hose is made of high quality molding process, which makes the surface beautiful, simple and generous, easy to clean, and will not fall off.

Multiple Size & Multifunctional The shower head hose is available in 63, 80, 100, 119, 138 inches to choose from.

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Black, White


63", 80", 100", 119", 138"

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