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Minicle Micro Bubble Training + Business/DIY Membership

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Cocojor Minicle Bubble Spaw System Membership Training

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Study at the internationally renowned Cocojor Canine Academy in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Learn how to professionally naturally heal canine. After successfully completing this Mana Paws course, you will receive a diploma documenting your expertise in required skills and a Cocojor Canine graduate. If you are looking for a new career as a pet care professional, or if you want to improve your existing skills, this course is for you. This course provides you with the skills you need to enter the exciting world of pet care.  Upon graduation you will then be eligible to receive the Cocojor product line and service as our graduate with a special wholesale discount rate.

Founder Monica Nanae Shigenaga

Monica Shigenaga is a certified canine specialist with over twenty years of experience in the pet industry. She is certified as an inner healer for dogs & humans, a skin specialist focused on natural healing.  Founder and certified master for the Minicle Micro Bubble treatment. Shigenaga is a member of the American Pet Product Manufacturers Associates, American Kennel Club, Japan Kennel Club, Staffordshire Terrier Club of America, Staffordshire Terrier Club of Hawaii, Obedience Training Club of Hawaii, Higashi Hirakata Akien Club of Japan and the National Association for Female Executives.

Monica’s first business venture, Cocojor Hawaii was a huge success. Cocojor Hawaii focused on canine fashion and debuted in December 2002 in Osaka, Japan, at the Japan Kennel Club Dog Show. Cocojor Hawaii was awarded the blue ribbon for Best Pet Product in 2004 for Monica’s innovative Cooling Vest which is available at www.cocojorchannel.comEventually, Monica’s work in pet fashion, grooming and showing canine evolved into a passion for animal skin care and health which led her to open COCOJOR EMPORIUM & SPAW in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Monica then went on to her journey, and unable to serve more than one purpose, it is eminent that Cocojor’s physical store took a hiatus in 2013, to pursue her purpose of educating others on pet health and care, as well as spreading the word about the healing powers of Minicle Micro Bubble. Monica’s healing journey she moved to Beverly Hills in 2015, to study the true meaning of “EAT, PRAY, LOVE”. The ultimate reason for happiness in healing both Human & Pet.

Learn at Hawaii’s first eco-zen-spaw that caters to the canine and owner.

Training for Minicle Micro Bubbles and Cocojor Hawaii Products 

 Mana Paws – Canine special healing technique developed by Cocojor

  • To ancient Hawaiians, mana (spiritual power) was necessary to be a truly successful practitioner. Education was sacred as knowledge was a way of achieving this power. “Healing spirit” you will study the canine anatomy, learn how to diagnose skin disease through our “Mana Paws”® for canine technique using our Minicle® Micro Bubble treatment baths, massage, and Cocojor products research.
  • Since the Hawaiians viewed the body, mind and spirit as one, Hawaiians believed that the body could not be healed without healing the spirit. Accordingly, they used a combination of psychic, spiritual, and natural treatments, a type of counseling with the aid of prayer, and natural plants to cleanse the mind and heart of negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Learn the different type of skin problem and identification how to respond to dog skin care, different symptoms, characterized by canine anatomy
  • Point massage by symptoms, techniques and
  • Water temperature management techniques on canine
  • More………. lots of insights that is kept “SECRET”
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  • 2002 – Establish Cocojor Hawaii – Honolulu
  • 2003 – Micro Bubble was created by Shigen Kaihatsu
  • 2003 – Open Kaimana Hale – Queen Street
  • 2003 – Create line of Cocojor Hawaiian Doggie Fragrance
  • 2007 – Cocojor was introduce to Micro Bubble by Shigen Kaihatsu
  • 2009 – Introduce and started the first Minicle Bubble Spaw Treatment in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 2009 – Create Cocojor Zen Spaw Collection
  • 2011 – Open Cocojor Emporium & Spaw on Kapiolani Blvd offer Minicle Bubble Treatment
  • 2015 – Cocojor went on hiatus in Honolulu to move to Beverly Hills
  • 2015 – Open Cocojor Beverly Hills Headquarters
  • 2019 – Cocojor and ILEX Corporation (Est. 1996)- Collaboration to design/distribution
  • 2020 – Created “Heaven” DIY with ILEX Corporation in Japan
  • 2021 – Open Cocojor Japan – Osaka, Japan – ILEX Corporation
  • 2022 – Celebrating 20 years in business