HUMAN & CANINE Self Awareness Session via ZOOM – Dog Shop Hawaii USA

HUMAN & CANINE Self Awareness Session via ZOOM

Self awareness through your dog

Private Self Awareness Session HUMAN & CANINE 

In this private session Monica Shigenaga will work on self connection with you and your canine in order to nurture, transform, concentrate and focus on the unconditional love that you share with your animal companions.  Soul behavior training instead of obedience training it’s understanding your canine behavior and how to work together in harmony as one pack.Compassionate action helps improve the quality of life, happiness and health of all beings.  Through the integration of the latest advances in mind/body natural medicine, consciousness studies, animal behavior and studies in the human animal bond, Monica has developed new theories, approaches and techniques that could possibly help transform us into a more compassionate, happier, healthier society by focusing on every place where we connect and interact with animals, our kindred spirits.


15 minutes = $35.00
30 minutes – $55.00
45 minutes = $95.00