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“No nonsense approach when it comes to working with your energy, it's your power of life”

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I must first apologize for not keeping in touch with you, but I must tell you my story as you are a part of it. Remember a few months ago when you massaged my hand with the bubbles, then told me to be careful about my eyes and you reminded me before I left, to make sure I got my eyes checked. I finally went to a new optometrist and he gave me such a thorough checkup and told me that I either had a tear or hole in my retina. He referred me to a retina specialist, Dr. Neal Atebara, the most magnificent doc around (only two in the state). After examining my eye, he told me I had a detached retina in my right eye, and although still partially attached, I would have to have surgery. yikes I had my surgery last month and am still recovering, although back at work and not seeing too clearly. The surgery went fine but the recovery was difficult as it was painful and I had to stay still and lie on my right side for 10 days. This has all passed and I am doing fine. But I do owe a whole lot of gratitude to you for having the insight to let me know to check my eyes. Thank you so much. Casey is doing fine and her ears are doing better, although still has secretions coming out. Doc says it may never go away; have her on meds which seems to be working. Jeter is still a rascal girl with her hair all pretty; tail just as bushy as before and her featherings on her legs, just beautiful. I will schedule appointments for her as her itchy scalings come back every so often. Wanted to let you know that I am referring you to one of my staff, Kari Ohara and gave her your brochure. She will be calling you as her dog has bad, bad rash all over. I will also be getting in touch with you. Thank you again for helping me with my eyes. Hello to Jordan. Wonder if he will remember us when we come by again? Take care.


I attended a Cocojor Workshop out of curiosity and to enjoy an evening out with friends.  Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience!  The overall ambiance was welcoming and relaxing.  Beautiful lights and comforting music gently enveloped the area.  The workshop activities were tremendously helpful and healing, yet fun.  Even the appetizers and refreshments were special…not only delicious, but beautiful as well.  It was like a spiritual tea party, but better!  I’ve already attended two workshops and have signed up for my third.  It’s just one of those things that you experience and you then want to share it with everyone you know.  It’s that good!  Even my husband loves it!  Monica has an exceptional gift and an even bigger heart.  I am a believer and recommend these workshops to anyone who needs healing and/or who wants to attract and maintain positivity and goodness.   –Suzette Trehern Thanks again Monica for sharing your time and your gift!  Take care!

Suzette Y. Rudolf Trehern

I have known Monica Shigenaga as a good friend for couple years. We became instant friends. I found her to be a very giving and kind person. She is always smiling and emitting positive energy all the time. She is an amazing woman with lots of talents. One of them is being extremely psychic. She has a sense of awareness about others. Her inspiration and guidance, I am sure will help a lot of people.

Christina Iso

I have the great pleasure of speaking with Monica on Monday, March 18, 2019. From the moment I said hello and introduced myself to Monica I immediately felt a positive, happy energy coming from the other end of the phone. As I began to speak with Monica more and learn about what she does I felt a energetic, optimistic energy that mirrored my personal energy and demeanor. While talking with Monica she told me that she felt from me eluding and giving off a very positive and happy energy and it was a strong energy that she could feel. She stated she knew I was raised by loving women who instilled within me the ability to love, be loved, and connect with people. And based on the love I have been given it enables me to be compassionate, positive, and truly care for the people I interact with personally and professionally. She encouraged me that this energy and disposition that I naturally possess would continue to bring me success in my life and career. There is not one sentence she made that I could disagree with. Monica’s words were very encouraging and immediately felt. The reaffirmations that she stated combined with her own positive happy energy immediately boosted my mood and recharged my energy. I am very grateful to have spoken with Monica. I believe she truly has a gift to connect with a person, feel their true energy and inner spirituality. I would highly recommend anyone to sit down and speak with Monica.

Michael Coleman

It's my pleasure to recommend and provide a reference for Monica Shigenaga. Ms. Shigenaga and I worked together for about two years at Bikram Yoga International Companies. I am General Counsel for the companies, and Ms. Shigenaga was the Assistant to Bikram Choudhury, the President of the Companies, and she was Operating Manager for the Companies. We worked closely together on all aspects of the Companies, management, legal, marketing, accounting and business operations. During her time at the Bikram Yoga International Companies I found her to be knowledgeable on all aspects of the business, where she in fact ran the business operations almost singlehandedly without supervision. She was a team leader and player, was a problem-solver, diligent and insightful, and was the hardest working individual I know. She would implement strategies to make the business more profitable. I cannot say enough about her. I highly recommend Ms. Shigenaga without reservations — she'd be a stellar addition to your business. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Dear Monica: Hi, and thanks again for all your purchases. I hope you enjoy them and serve you well. Below is the experience I had upon first meeting you: When I first met Monica, I was partially set-up with my jewelry collection, at a beauty salon complex, in Beverly Hills. Her eye was taken by my presentation, and particularly, the more symbolic pieces--a Hamsa Pendant (Hand of God) with the Evil Eye protective symbol within the hand. As she looked and we spoke there was a "feeling" of another being either present and/or trying to communicate to me via her. At one point, she felt compelled to move to a slightly different position. She said something about a family member trying to convey a message. At first, she mention about a older lady missing my visits and bringing her flowers. I told her that it was my mom that was deceased, but, LO AND BEHOLD, her and my dad's anniversary had just passed within days, and that, my wife and I USUALLY go to the grave site and ALWAYS bring flowers! Well, Monica said, she (my mom) really missed that a would love the visit. At this point, Monica mentioned that sometimes she "scares" people with her gift as a medium..I was not scared at all. In fact, I gave a big hug and thanked her so much for the message, and, I would indeed make the journey to the grave site, WITH FLOWERS, soon. God Bless and all the best,


I have known Monica Shigenaga as a good friend for couple years. We became instant friends. I found her to be a very giving and kind person. She is always smiling and emitting positive energy all the time. She is an amazing woman with lots of talents. One of them is being extremely psychic. She has a sense of awareness about others. Her inspiration and guidance, I am sure will help a lot of people.

Christina Iso

As a former high-level administrator in government as well as a retail business owner for over 20 years, I give Monica high marks for strong management skills, great interpersonal abilities, and warm personal traits, such as compassion, dedication, and openness.

Larry Higa

Monica helped me so much. She detoxed my mind and body and told me what I needed for my life. I have had a lot of stress and did not take care of myself for long time because I wanted to punish myself for bad things happened. I had been wandering and floating in the air. I was rescued by Monica. She guided me find what I needed for myself. I need to take care of and focus on myself. I needed her help to be myself. My ancestors, my guardians, and so on came to Monica, and she gave me messages from them. That helped me so much. She also told me what part of my body should be taken care of. The parts that Monica pointed out that I need to take care of hurt when I pushed. Monica pushed parts of my body in order for me to take bad things out while laying down. That made Monica even sick because I had a lot of bad things in my body caused by stress. Now, I massage those parts not to have disease, like cancer. Next morning, I had a lot of poops. Bad ones are gone out of my body. Monica told me what food that I should eat. This will help me take care of my body well. I learned that I should think that I was beautiful and love myself. I had been blaming on myself and had been telling me that I was ugly. I also learned that I should thank my ancestors, my parents, grandparents, and family every day. This is what I have forgot to thank. Now, I feel so much better than before and being strong. I do appreciate for what Monica did for me. I strongly recommend that you should go, see Monica if you are looking for a spiritual counselor.

Luna Vodden


Founder Monica Shigenaga, passion with dogs is an intuitive medium between humans and dogs. Monica has creatively and ingeniously intertwined the human and dog experience. Man and his best friend have been welcome to relax and rejuvenate side-by-side since 2002. 
Due to COVID, Monica has transformed her home into COCOJOR SANCTUARY in Hawaii Kai by appointment only through our website. HUMAN and DOG sanctuary where you can enjoy daily classes, workshops and more. Enjoy our services that are dedicated using natural ways. We have saved hundreds of dogs with skin problems with our Minicle Micro Bubble that heals dog’s skin naturally along with our Cocojor Spaw products. Own and learn how to use the Cocojor Minicle Bubble Skin Care System.





My speciality is “No nonsense approach when it comes to working with your energy, it’s your power of life”  I have a unique way of tools to implement in your lifestyle and work with a firm understanding of “natural” energies.  My upbringing in Hawaii I was able to spread the “ALOHA” spirit through my energy on people and pets.  My style of work as an Intuitive coach/consultant, I offer by reading people’s energy and vibrations which turn that into a “life coaching” experience.  I’m able to give the clients tools to implement into their lifestyle, business or entrepreneurship and problems that turn it into solutions.

Some of my clients and friends call me their *“WING-LADY”!  How some people need “wingman” “wing-lady” to close deals whether in relationship or business.  I can share with you the way to live your life in content – No stress, No blockage and living in the NOW.  My primary focus is to navigate you by “watching his/her back”. You can’t fly a 747 plane without a “co-pilot” to help navigate to fly and land safely! Spread your wings and begin to fly and let me help you navigate your dreams and desires!


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Languages – English and Japanese are available please indicate upon check out.  I currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles “City of Angels”.  My clientele are located all over the world and I am available to travel as well and online for all private personal one on one services.


Monica spent over two decades working directly with top International business owners on FORBES companies. Monica learned hands-on about business from top executive owners, attorneys and investors. For most of her career she worked for a famous Japanese corporation (Kokusai Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Kyo-ya Company and Toho Corporation) and had a firm understanding of different cultures & lifestyles.  Monica was able to access the mindset of Millionaires and Billionaires and implement their skills and strategy.  Monica can teach you the best commodity in the world is your healthy state of mind and energy.  As time goes, so does your life and business. Without one or the other we need to take the time to shift our energy and BALANCE to create both the wealth and health to enjoy for your next journey.  Monica’s millionaire clients tell her that she looks out to sell the healthy mindset of  LIFE – YOUR LIFE! 


As the founder of one of Hawaii’s most loyal and promising entrepreneurs, Monica started her career in the pet industry as the founder and pioneer of Aloha-wear for dogs. Deemed its title and significance in the 1960s, the “Aloha Shirt” became a universal symbol of Hawaii’s warmth and spirit. Monica became the first to introduce this product to the dog world by building a business devoted to my main passions; my 2 American Staffordshire Terriers (Coco & Jordan) hence thereafter COCOJOR and the beauty and essence of my island. We have saved hundreds of dogs with skin problems with our Minicle Micro Bubble that heals dog’s skin naturally along with our Cocojor’s All Natural Spaw Collection. Unfortunately after a bad car accident I decided to go on hiatus in 2013 from my dog business and went into consulting and moved to Beverly Hills, California.




Monica was the first to introduce Minicle Micro Bubble in 2007 and throughout the world. Cocojor has collaborated with ILEX Japan to add into her Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble Spaw System. Newest DIY Minicle Micro Bubble System “Heaven” that is dedicated to her last dog who passed away in 2019. Cocojor’s DIY Minicle Micro Bubble system uses only the POWER of WATER!  and no electricity.  
Now you can study and own your Minicle Bubble Machine and learn in person or online at the internationally renowned Cocojor Canine Academy in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Learn how to professionally naturally heal canine. After successfully completing this Mana Paws course, you will receive a diploma documenting your expertise in required skills and a Cocojor Canine graduate. 


In 2015, Monica moved to Beverly Hills due to her client’s request and to enjoy her life with her dog “Heaven” , a rescued dog who passed away in December, 2019.  My “celebrities”  and business clients that I’ve been able to bring a lot of direction and clarity on their decisions in their personal, business and overall lifestyle. My one-on-one method is not a “cookie” cutter type, it’s personalized just for you. You can choose which program best suits your lifestyle. 

You have to be able to be ready for a change and it depends only on you to do the changes.  I’ll be your coach to give you all the tools, knowledge and support.  You have the steering wheel for your wheel of life. You can book a free 5 minutes clarity session to help you decide what kind of workshop programs to give yourself that change you deserve.  Enjoy our wide selection of programs, workshops and subscription to continue for you to enjoy the knowledge of power to live and “own” your lifestyle. Looking forward to meeting you and building a life to be smiling about!

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Cocojor’s Cooling Products won Dog Fancy Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award for Innovation and Creativity in 2004.  Honolulu International Airport TSA dogs choose to cool down in our cooling vest.  Best Products Media Guide awarded our “Doggie Bag to Go!” as Best Pet Product in Spring 2005; and our Swimwear Collection won in Summer 2004.  Watch here to see how it works:


Brushing the skin gently stimulates the lymphatic system and is considered to be one of the best natural lymphatic cleansers available. The lymphatic system is composed of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and organs. Part of the body’s defense system, the lymph nodes remove micro organisms and other foreign substances. They act as a filtration system that keeps particulate matter, such as bacteria, from entering the bloodstream. Stimulating the lymphatic system through skin brushing will activate all of the above functions as well as encourage blood circulation and cell regeneration. Both actions promote detoxification; improve body tone and skin radiance.