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Pro-Groomers & Veterinarians Approved

Made for All Skin & Coat Types

No stinging or Irritation of the Eyes

Made for Puppies to Senior Canine

Proven Safe

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15 minute Free Session! Discover customized strategies to solve your biggest problems you have with your dog. Consultation Sessions are done online via phone or zoom

How it Works to be part of Cocojor

The Itchy & Stinky Remedy to Dog Skincare!

I guide dog parents to take their dogs’ skin from problematic to thriving so they can save on vet bills, stop the constant scratching, odor and transform their overall wellbeing.

You don’t need to be in Hawaii to do this! You can do this anywhere in the world as long as you have a connection to the internet


Ecstatic Owners Blown Away By New Skin & Coat Health Technique

During our first 15 minute Free Session! Discover customized strategies to solve your biggest problems you have with your dog. Consultation Sessions are done online via phone or zoom.


WARNING! If you're a dog lover, are you making these MISTAKES when it comes to giving your dog a bath? Did you know you can DETOX Your DOG... keeping them healthy, clean, and treating their skin and coat problems?

Get your FREE Itchy & Stinky Guidebook! Discover the 100% All-Natural Way To Detox Your Fur Babies And Keep Them Healthy, Clean & Smelling Great!


URGENT NEWS FOR DOG OWNERS! Now there is a new and better, 100% all-natural way to keep your furry babies healthy, clean and smelling great!

Now, you can now study at the internationally renowned Cocojor Canine Academy ON-LINE DEMAND! Our Original one of kind Cocojor Canine Course.

Learn how to professionally dog skincare naturally heal. Did you know 70% of problems with dogs are with their skin.

Learn online how you can do it yourself or create business opportunities all you have to do is sign up for our Individual or Business course. Don’t forget to sign up as an affiliate member!

Easy payment plan is available while you learn online anytime, anywhere at your own comfort.

You will received a complete set of knowledge in our member only E-Library for your courses, LIVE weekly Q&A sessions, Minicle Micro Bubble Machine, Cocojor Zen Spaw Collection (Shampoo, Conditioner and Bubble Brush) Custom made just for you and your pooch!


If you want to book an in-person appointment in Hawaii Kai to see how the Minicle Micro Bubble Skincare System is right for you and your four-legged pooch.

During our one on one private service you will understand what are the underlying problems that your dog is suffering.

Includes a full service skincare grooming and demonstration on how you can learn how to do it yourself or create your own business opportunities.

You will come out with so much knowledge and a very clean detox pooch! 💦Spaw day at Cocojor Hawaii Kai 🐶 Sanctuary.

Full Service – $150.00/per dog by appointment only on Tuesday and Saturday. It will be one on one private appointment for the following service for your dog. (Retail $250.00). Base on availability

Via Zoom appointment for those who are unable to come in-person for the service $75.00 per dog. Held on Thursday. Base on availability

For any of these special bonus one on one full service consultation please send us email at info@cocojor.com to set up your time and date.


Service will take around 1 hour to 2 hours depending on your dog condition and size. Please make sure you set aside that hour with your one to one private consulting with your canine.

Due to our open door policy you will need to present during the consulting session. We will forfeit your appointment if you just leave the dog for service only.

We offer a safe destination for clients to turn for natural healing, support and education when emotional, physical or spiritual challenges arise with yourself and your beloved canine.

I look forward to our call and much peace and Aloha – Monica aka Cocojor 


💦 Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble Experience 💦

How to Do It and Learn from the Founder
Monica Shigenaga - Founder

On-Demand learning begins here

The education you need, when you need it. We make it easy to get started. Simply select from these online courses and learn anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection. Online management tools track your progress, letting you start and stop when you like, so you can take a break and then return to your class without losing your place. Once you complete your class successfully, we can make sure you get the certification you’ve achieved, and the continuing education credits you have earned.

Founder, Monica Shigenaga is a certified canine specialist with over twenty five years of experience in the pet industry. She is certified as an inner healer for dogs & humans, a skin specialist focused on natural healing. Founder and certified master for the Minicle Micro Bubble treatment. Shigenaga was the first to bring in the Micro Bubble System in the USA back in 2007 and create her own special technique on how to care for your dog’s skincare using the natural method.

She is a member of the American Pet Product Manufacturers Associates, American Kennel Club, Japan Kennel Club, Staffordshire Terrier Club of America, Staffordshire Terrier Club of Hawaii, Obedience Training Club of Hawaii, Higashi Hirakata Akien Club of Japan and the National Association for Female Executives.

Monica’s first business venture, Cocojor Hawaii was a huge success. Cocojor Hawaii focused on canine fashion and debuted in December 2002 in Osaka, Japan, at the Japan Kennel Club Dog Show. Cocojor Hawaii was awarded the blue ribbon for Best Pet Product in 2004 for Monica’s innovative Cooling Vest which is available at www.cocojorchannel.com. Eventually, Monica’s work in pet fashion, grooming and showing canine evolved into a passion for animal skin care and health which led her to open COCOJOR EMPORIUM & SPAW in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Monica then went on to her journey, and unable to serve more than one purpose, it is eminent that Cocojor’s physical store took a hiatus in 2013, to pursue her purpose of educating others on pet health and care, as well as spreading the word about the healing powers of Minicle Micro Bubble. Monica’s healing journey she moved to Beverly Hills in 2015, to study the true meaning of “EAT, PRAY, LOVE”. The ultimate reason for happiness in healing both Human & Pet. Learn at Hawaii’s first eco-zen-spaw that caters to the canine and owner.

Why Wait and Take Control of your Dog Wellbeing!

Here’s 15 important reason skincare you will learning

Help Dog with Skin Issues

Save Money - Going to the Vet, Medications, Groomers

Save Time

Alleviate the on going problem

All natural holistic approach

Get a better control of the issues


Professional 20 years of Knowledge

Unconditional Love

Simple & Easy to use

Healthier Happier Dog

Smells Better - Deep Cleaning

Overall Well-Being of your Dog

Naturally Dog Detox

Naturally Dog Detox

Training on How to Achieve Unbelievable results with Minicle Micro Bubbles

Mana Paws – Canine special healing technique power created by Cocojor in 2004. “Healing” from the inside out without using any kind of harsh chemical. Using our own exclusive method on how to get rid of those ITCHY & STINKY dogs! Take control with our all natural custom made Cocojor Skin Care System with the power of water. Do it Yourself and turn it into saving time, money and overall well being. You can create your own business as well!

To ancient Hawaiians, “Mana” (spiritual power) was necessary to be a truly successful practitioner. Education was sacred as knowledge was a way of achieving this power. “Healing spirit” you will study the canine anatomy, learn how to diagnose skin disease through our “Mana Paws”® for canine technique using our Minicle® Micro Bubble treatment baths, massage, and Cocojor products research. Viewing the body, mind and spirit as one, COCOJOR believed that the body could not be healed without healing the spirit. Accordingly, we used a combination of the dog anatomy and natural treatments, a type of counseling with the aid of detoxing, and natural plants to cleanse the mind and heart of the canine.

How you will be solving your Dog Skin & Overall Wellbeing

Learn the different type of skin problem and identification how to respond to dog skin care, different symptoms, characterized by canine anatomy

Point massage by symptoms, techniques.Water temperature management techniques on canine


💦 How Minicle Micro Bubble "Heaven" System Works 💦

Cocojor Before & After Minicle Micro Bubble Demonstration Video Click Below:

Before and how we examine your dog before the bath:

Just less than 3 min in the bath

Detox from the Anal Glad that has pile of toxics

After results


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