Located at a Private Dog Sanctuary in Hawaii Kai

Cocojor Canine Country Club is CAGE FREE, which means your canine has lots of room to run around, have fun, and relax! We are an exclusive private boarding facility and have limited space since we are boarding the canine and not hoarding. 


classes, playtime, rest & more! 

Cocojor World Famous Dog Detox Skincare Spaw 

DOGA Classes
Water Therapy Classes

Open Permaculture Garden

Hiking at Mapakapuu – Ka Iwi Point
Lots of Walks and excursion around Hawaii Kai
Lots of play and rest time
Open Air and Private – CAGE FREE CANINE CLUB
Private kennel beds to sleep and relax
Poolside and garden to relax and enjoy lots of room to run and have fun!! 


Dog(s) needs to be VERY mellow, well-socialized dogs. 

We do not accept any intact male dogs over 9 months old but with exception upon their testing on their behavior and socialization skills we do except intact dog(s). 

Temperament is first and foremost for the safety of the overall environment. We do not accept dogs that are exhibiting any aggressive, territorial, or overly dominant behavior. 

Medical records need to be updated Please see “requirements from vet” 

All dogs must complete one Interview Processing Exam before being accepted into our day care, night care and dog walking & adventures. 

If your dog is overnight boarding we will test them during their stay to see how your dog is with other dogs. We will decide how they will interact and give them the best accommodation to their personality and behavior. 


Overnight – $75.00 – $95.00/night
Dog Deep Clean & Detox Bath Spaw $100.00 (Retail: $150.00)

Retreat Package for  Canine Wellness and Health Program


  • The Original Cocojor World Famous Minicle Micro Bubble Session – Dog Detox
  • Blow Dry
  • Skincare Analogy – Skincare Analogy – The health of the skin, not just its appearance, is an important metaphor for the health of a dog’s boundary between canine and other. Truly healthy skin acts as a membrane that lets the appropriate things in and keeps the inappropriate things out, on all levels.
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