Does your dog need a “Spaw Day”? You may think to survey your dog’s health by the shininess of their coat, but don’t forget: dogs need skincare, too. 

Ready to deep clean your dog with Cocojor’s proven method for the past 20 years. The #1 way to get rid of Airborne problem that is one of the biggest reasons for skin issues along with all the chemicals! Can you imagine the unknown guck that is stuck inside their skin and coat of your pooch! 

Certain dogs may have special sensitivities, but all dogs could use a little attention in this area. The state of their skin can indicate the presence of deeper problems, like internal organs, parasites or external pests, and of course the usual suspects – fleas and ticks.

These are why skin care for dogs is so important, and why you should check your dog’s skin periodically. Like other aspects of your dog’s health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Skin Care for Dogs: What Does Healthy Skin Look Like in Dogs?

When you take a look, what would you see in an average, healthy dog? What’s normal, and what’s cause for alarm?

Well, it is normal for the color of a dog’s skin to vary. Different breeds have different skin colors under their coat. Shades range from pinkish to brown to black. Skin appearance may be solid or spotted – either is fine.

Much like healthy human skin, it should be on the smoother side. Redness, flakiness, scabs, or inflammation mean that you need to look more deeply into your dog’s skin health.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s go through some tips on maintaining good skin care for dogs.

Step One

Ecstatic Owners Blown Away By New Skin & Coat Health Technique – Highly recommended book a FREE 15 minute Session! To find out all about your pooch and discover customized strategies to solve your biggest problems you have with your dog. Consultation Sessions are done online via phone or zoom for FREE!

Step Two

Urgent News for Dog Parents……Get Rid of Airborne and Debris that is stuck in your Pooch Skin and Fur! Cocojor’s Minicle Micro Bubble Session is Back! Book Now by Appointment Only (808) 592-3647 (DOGS),
 During our one on one private Deep Cleaning session you will understand what are the underlying problems that your dog is suffering. You have the problem, we have the solution to create the results to give a healthier and happy lifestyle. 
Private One on One Session in Hawaii Kai at Cocojor Canine Sanctuary & Spaw. Day at the Spaw with your pooch to enjoy the tranquil essence and learn the SECRET. The ONLY way to Deep Clean Your Pooch! Get Rid of Airborne & Years of Parasites that are stuck in the skin and fur. Only using the power of Water! 
Every Dog Needs a SPAW day. Learn more about our DIY Cocojor Skin Care System.Enjoy a day at Cocojor Sanctuary and Spaw for Dog in Hawaii Kai. Demo and Deep Clean Grooming Service for your beloved Pooch.

Loan to Learn Program with No Interest, In-House Payment plan 2-3-6-12 months. PROVEN FOR 20 years! Why Wait? 

Book Appointment Now! 808-592-3647 (DOGS)


*If you are unable to come in-person I can do it via Zoom and analyze your dog via ZOOM for 45 minutes.

Step Three

Once you book your date, you are all set up to come over to Cocojor Hawaii Kai. Includes a full service skincare grooming and demonstration. You can learn how to do it yourself or create your own business opportunities. You will come out with so much knowledge and a very clean detox pooch! Spaw day at Cocojor Hawaii Kai. 

You will receive email and text with the direction to our Cocojor Canine Spaw in Hawaii Kai. 

In-person Grooming Service & Demonstration

Starts from $65.00 – $150.00 ($150 – $270.00 Regular Price) Once we receive your appointment confirmation we will let you know the exact price due to the skin condition and size of your dog. LIMITED TIME – SPECIAL PRICE:


Minicle Micro Bubble Session – Using our patent Minicle Micro Bubble Machine. Cocojor Patented Technique that helps thousands of dogs all over the world. You will get to try it yourself to see how it works.

We will work deep into the Dog Skin & Inner Organ Detox (Whole Anatomy of the Canine 3D-5D Level).

Skincare Analogy – We will deep dive into what is going on with your beloved pooch. The health of the skin, not just its appearance, is an important metaphor for the health of a dog’s boundary between canine and internal and outside. Truly healthy skin acts as a membrane that lets the appropriate things in and keeps the inappropriate things out, on all levels.

Blow Dry

Dog Skin Care Grooming & Demonstration on how to do it at home DIY Minicle Micro Bubble for individual or business by Founder – Cocojor aka Monica Shigenaga,

Due to Limited Space Availability. No WALK-IN. By Appointment Only

Service will take around 1 hour to 2 hours depending on your dog condition and size. Please make sure you set aside that hour with your one to one private consulting with your canine.

Due to our open door policy you will need to present during the consulting session. We will forfeit your appointment if you just leave the dog for service only.

We offer a safe destination for clients to turn for natural healing, support and education when emotional, physical or challenges arise with yourself and your beloved canine.

I look forward to our call and much peace and Aloha – Monica aka Cocojor

The Itchy & Stinky Remedy to Dog Skincare!

Cocojor’s Team guides dog parents to take their dogs’ skin from problematic to thriving so they can save on vet bills, stop the constant scratching, odor and transform their overall wellbeing.

Minicle Micro Bubble System is great for those dog parents who suffers from Psoriasis and other skin issue themselves. Great to use for the whole family. Everyday use is preventative care. Detox and Water the ultimate all natural care for the whole family.

20 years – We’ve known for the Minicle Micro Bubble System to Detox Your Dog All Naturally & Organically with the power of Water through the Skin. We have online courses for individuals and Businesses. Includes Micro Bubble Machine, Learn Skincare & How to Detox Your Dog plus our world famous Hawaiian Zen Spaw Skincare collection.

  1. Knowledge not taught in School, Vet or Groomer Visit.
  2. Easy How to Do System at Home or Business
  3. Payment Plan – Loan and Learn Program

Immediately Find Results…… 

It’s an emotional stress trying to figure out these problematic issues our dog is suffer. We offer a safe destination for clients to turn for natural healing, support and education when emotional, physical or spiritual challenges arise with yourself and your beloved canine.

Housekeeping Rules for Appointment:


Ask us about a payment plan to own your Minicle Micro Bubble Machine

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Limited Time – Loan and Learn Program

Subscription payment plan 2, 3, 6, 12 months

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Can’t wait to speak with you and excited to learn more about you. What are your problematic issues that we can give you the solutions and results for.

Simple! You have a problem, We have easy Solutions to create results! Bonus makes passive income as well.

Aloha –

Monica Shigenaga aka Cocojor

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