Welcomes Hawaii Farmers to give them a place to sell their products FREE of charge for their space. MAHALO to All Farmers let them know we have a FREE space for them.

Any questions contact Monica at Cocojor 808-592-3647 (DOGS).  Let’s all support the Hawaii Farmers and to stay healthy FOOD TO FAIR!

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    GE TAX Certificates are required to participate. We will check and request a copy to show proof you are active Farmer*

    Website (If you do not have one it’s okay, it’s not required) You must show proof that you are an active Farmer.

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    Please let us know if you are able to attend all dates or not? Please indicate dates that you are unable to attend due to space:*

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    I understand that completing this form does not guarantee me a spot at 808 Craft & Gift Fairs, we will have your Farmer organization on our file. To register is first come first serve base. We will let your organization be chosen due to space availability and know at least one – two months ahead. You will have one week to reply back to us if you will join us. If we do NOT hear from you we will go to the next Farmer. Due to the PR/Marketing deadline we do need to get things done in a timely manner.
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