Dog Spaw & Demo Day with Cocojor in Hawaii Kai

We offer a safe destination for clients to turn for natural healing, support and education when emotional, physical or challenges arise with yourself and your beloved canine.


Individual DIY & Freedom to get High Quality Education for our pooch overall wellbeing.

While Loving Your Passions For Dogs! Save Time, Money And Solutions For Your Dog.

Maybe you want to start you own Business later on! You can easily take the Business additional course to continue your education.


For the Entrepreneur Business People. Freedom to Create Your Own Pet Business! Think out of the Box to create your Pet Spaw, Dog Spaw Studio, Mobile Bubble Van and MORE!

Excellent to Add Into Existing Business for Groomers, Mobile Groomers, Dog Daycare, Breeders, Veterinarian and More!


Cocojor Custom Made your own Minicle Micro Bubble Machine

What you’ll get: Your Very Own Custom Made Minicle Micro Bubble Machine

90 day LIMITED access to our Member’s only room

Mini Starter Kit of our Cocojor Zen Spaw Collection

One Free 1 on 1 Discovery Call after your purchase with Cocojor Team.

Additional bonus one on one calls can be made via Zoom for 911 Help Q&A.;

Oxygen-Enriched MINICLE Micro bubbles

COCOJOR’S Minicle Micro Bubble Technology

Is a new and natural way to bathe animals in your care. It is not another shampoo or conditioner. Rather we use patent-pending technology to generate billions of oxygen-enriched micro bubbles. These bubbles are less than 50 microns in size and are small enough to enter the skin and hair pores and remove impurities. Minicle Micro bubbles generated by Cocojor’s Minicle Micro Bubble Technology continue to decrease in size, down to as small as 3 microns, and burst under the water releasing heat energy.

Cocojor’s Minicle Micro Bubble Technology uses the “Law of Attraction”, to grab the impurities and bacteria in the skin pore and carry it away. Each micro bubble has a negative charge, called an anion, and attracts the positive charged bacteria and excess sebum lifting it away from the animal’s skin. Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubbles supercharges this phenomena with our patent-pending negative ion Eco-Flow using NO electricity generator system.  

The oxygen supplied by the Cocojor’s Minicle Micro Bubble Technology accomplishes the following goals:

Consider billions of tiny “loofas” gently exfoliating the skin. That is exactly what our micro bubble technology does. These bubbles also provide a gentle massage effect as well. 

Oxygen promotes healing

Cocojor’s Minicle Micro Bubble Technology uses only clean water to produce the finest hypo-allergenic cleaning system for all breeds of dogs and cats. Any and all skin reactions to chemicals are eliminated with our technology.

Oxygen is a micronutrient

It will assist with many metabolic processes in the skin including collagen and elastin production.

Oxygen-enriched micro bubbles

It promote cellular growth by supplying these cells with energy

Designed For Ease Of Operation Of Our “HEAVEN” System.
Our Design eliminates the need to use electricity. The system is compact and light weighs 7.5 lbs. You can take it anywhere or just leave it inside the shower/bathtub and use it yourself. Our patented and patent-pending design uses fresh, clean water directly from your tap. We do not recirculate any water at all. There is no extra cost or time involved between bathings and just hook it up and ready to use. You don’t have to worry about those heavy, bulky machines that you have to lug it around. Nor it’s those cheap “Micro Bubble” showerhead that you really don’t see results. Very easy to use and low cost on maintenance and save you money and time!!

What is Cocojor’s Minicle Micro Bubble Technology?

DETOX, Exfoliation and PATENT TECHNIQUE massage by Cocojor Minicle Micro bubbles

Anatomy of Dog Skin

Skin Cleanliness Effect Comparison: Depends On The Water Molecule Size​

Dog Skin Facts

The skin is the largest living organ of a dog, accounting for up to 20% of a dog’s weight.

Dog’s skin is 66% thinner than that of a human adult – it compares to the skin thickness of a baby.

A typical hair follicle pore on a dog consists of a central primary guard hair surrounded by 3-15 secondary hairs that make up the undercoat. Note that all these hairs are exiting from the same pore.

Since dogs do not have sweat glands, thermoregulation is performed by the skin and the hair of the dog – thus the importance of clean skin and coat.

Due to the thin skin layer, the primary protection for the skin is the dog hair.

70% of veterinarian visits are due to skin issues

The ratio of undercoat to primary coat can be greater than 10:1.

Micro Bubble For Dog Care

Micro Bubble For Dog Care

We have designed Cocojor’s Minicle Micro Bubble Technology for years and years of carefree operation. All components are tested and engineered for 2-3 times the operating parameters that they will see. Our design is unique and custom made to order in many ways, however components can fail. All units are “wet-tested” for leaks and micro bubble formation. To provide assurance to our customers, Cocojor warrants Cocojor’s Minicle Micro Bubble Technology for a period of 1 years from purchase date. This warranty is for the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

During this time, Cocojor will repair or replace the system at the sole discretion of Cocojor’s Engineering Department. Please contact us directly for any and all warranty issues or 808-592-3647(DOGS). 

History about Minicle Micro Bubble Skincare:

2002 – Establish Cocojor Hawaii – Honolulu

2003 – Micro Bubble was created by Shigen Kaihatsu original creator of Micro Bubble Machine

2003 – Open Kaimana Hale Dog & Human Store in Honolulu, HI – Queen Street “Pink House”

2003 – Create line of Cocojor Hawaiian Doggie Fragrance

2004 – “Mana Paws” Method Created

2005 – “Mana Paw” Trademark was Patented in Japan No:4869373

2007 – Cocojor was introduce to Micro Bubble by Shigen Kaihatsu original creator of Machine

2009 – Introduce and started the first Minicle Micro Bubble Spaw Treatment in Honolulu, Hawaii
2009 – Create Cocojor Zen Spaw Collection made in Japan

2011 – “Minicle Bubble” Trademark was Patented
2011 – Open Cocojor Emporium & Spaw on Kapiolani Blvd offering Minicle Micro Bubble Treatment

2014 – “Minicle” United State Patent Office Register #4,523,715

2015 – Cocojor went on hiatus in Honolulu move to Beverly Hills, California

2015 – Open Cocojor Beverly Hills Headquarters

2019 – Cocojor and ILEX Corporation (Est. 1996) – Collaboration to design my proprietary, do it yourself compact “Heaven” Minicle Micro Bubble cleansing system that uses NO electricity only the power of water!

2020 – Created “Heaven” DIY with ILEX Corporation in Japan

2021 – Open Cocojor Japan – Re-launch our skincare line that is made with ALOHA using only the natural ingredients that are custom made with our “secret” formula.

2021 – Collaboration with ILEX Corporation No Electric COCOJOR MINICLE BUBBLE “Heaven” Machine

2022 – May 24th – Cocojor Celebrating 20 years in business

2022 – Launch Cocojor Canine Academy On-Line

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