Happy Holiday Cocojor Pop-Up at Nordstrom & Craft Fairs

        Ho, Ho, Ho – ­čÉĽ DOGS are Welcome this Saturday, December 3rd visit Cocojor Booth #93 at Kaimuki High School Craft Fair located by Sekiya side in the lanai area! With over 150 vendors booths from 08:30 – 3:00 pm. Lots of FREE parking and no entrance fee! Learn more about our Cocojor Skin Care System with our new Loan to Learn Program with No Interest.         Aloha […]

Cocojor YouTube Channel – Happy Thanksgiving – I LOVE YOU~

Cocojor On on One Service for Human & Pets on how it works: ´╗┐ Founder Monica Shigenaga, passion with dogs have creatively and ingeniously intertwined the human and dog experience. Man and his best friend have been welcome to relax and rejuvenate side-by-side since 2002. Due to COVID, Monica has transformed her home into Cocojor Canine Sanctuary & Spaw Studio in Hawaii Kai. Monica brings her 30 years of experience on to the virtual world! […]

Cocojor Coupon is Back for the Holiday Start from today!

´╗┐ CLICK VIDEO TO SEE WHAT IS MINICLE MICRO BUBBLE Aloha , Happy Holidays┬áto your and your family. This year marks our 20th year anniversary and we would love to thank you for all your love and support you have given us. Our loyalty coupons of aloha is our way of saying “MAHALO” for all continue support for local business. Be┬ámindful and conscious on what you give your dog and your pooch friends. ┬áPerfect Stocking […]

Cocojor we are ALL about ALOHA!

Cocojor we are ALL about ALOHA! We believe in giving back the “MANA” energy back to DOG LOVERS who want to see a change in the PET INDUSTRY giving Modern pet owners a new way to LEARN AND EARN! Why not make some MONEY! What are the three things: Be Grateful Be Forgiving Be Light Three things you can benefit with Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble: DIY Individual or Business to learn about Dog Detox & […]

What is the Difference between Micro Bubble Shower Head vs Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble Machine?

Human Skin Live Hoshi Hoshi Hoshi Ear What is the Difference between Micro Bubble Shower Head vs Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble Machine? I get this question all the time and it comes down to a shower head is a what it is a “Shower Head” whether it’s a Micro Bubble Shower Head that you purchase at the store or online, or on Amazon there is a huge difference. Here are some FAQs to answer your […]