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Loan and Learn Program Honor System

Join now when Cocojor can offer 💴 In-House Financing!

1-2-3 Steps to Sign Up

✅1. Choose machine or course (we have monthly membership plan).

✅2. 6-12-18 month payment plan to choose from.

✅3. Pay for the downpayment – that will automatic enroll you for monthly payment .

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Take control of your beloved pooch wellbeing is first and foremost. We are very excited to offer for a LIMITED time to help everyone during this economic hardship.

Cocojor want to give the very best to pet parents in caring for their pooch. Simple, easy all natural way since our dog is part of the family member.

Loan and Learn Program  – Honor System 

Join now when Cocojor can offer 💴 In-House Financing!

For your very own Minicle Micro Bubble Machine and Course!

🚫 No Interest

🏦 Monthly Automatic Payment

First Dibs just for our VIP doggie family. Space is limited! Book now your free discovery call to get all the information!

Be in control of your pet’s health with the understand of how to do it ALL NATURALLY with Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble System.

Never worry again about rushed visits to the vet and groomer for skin issues and missed diagnoses for your Dog overall health.

Relief is here and we care about how we can help you solve your worry on your problems we have the solution to give you the best results all naturally for the Itchy & Stinky Dog.

After taking this course you’ll know how to:

✔️ How to prepare and support your pet overall health by only using Water and Detox patent method.

✔️ The meaning of each common diagnose that our beloved pooch

✔️ How to get the best deep cleaning results when Veterinarians is recommending to “Wash your Dog”


Breakdown on our In House Loan to Learn Program:

1. You will require to pay an up front downpayment + first month payment

2. Subscription payment plan either 6, 12 or 18 month

3.  No Interest – FREE during the duration of the loan.

4.  BOL – Bark out loud of information in our VIP Member Only Room.

5. No Credit Check

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